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How did FBTC start?


French Between The Commons was founded in 2008 by Tina Rabin who wished for francophone children attending Belleville Primary School in Clapham, to also follow officially recognised French academic lessons.


Ever since then FBTC has ever since then offered a quality schooling with the help of a very dynamic group of teachers. This was noticed by a some parents of the neighbouring primary school of Honeywell and thus they requested FBTC to start offering its services in this establishment too.


Today, FBTC’s services have thus allowed these two excellent state schools (classed "Outstanding" by Ofsted) to offer French lessons of the highest quality which has been noted in the « Good School Guide », a guide known as a key reference when picking a school for parents all over the UK.


FBTC is now established in four primary schools as well as two secondaries covering all grades from Moyenne Section (5-6 yrs old) to 3ème (14-15yrs old) and teaches over 200 pupils thanks to a team of 14 teachers.


What future for FBTC students?


FBTC’s pupils who have not gone on to finish their schooling in the English education system, have all been able accepted by French schools either in London or abroad thanks to having the required levels in French and Maths at the time of the entrance exam.


Those students wishing to remain in the English education system have been able to prove their knowledge of French at the time of entrance exams for secondary schools.


French is objectively a difficult language though its study and knowledge will always be of great value whichever path in education the children decide to take.


Why pick FBTC


FBTC proposes a teaching method of French which closely follows the National French education program.


Groups never exceed 7 students such that teachers can adapt according to the needs of the children and offer a quality teaching experience in scolarly environment.


The focus of our program is not just to follow CNED lessons to the letter which are obviously validated throughout the year but also to teach children about French culture through shows and events. We believe that our children have the luxury of living in two cultures and that these should co-exist in equal measure.

We are conscious that following a schooling in two languages entails an extra chore for both parents and students. This is why we ensure children are happy to come to our lessons after their day in their respective english school. They come to learn and take pleasure in finding friends who are also growing up in a mix of cultures.

Our teaching staff is passionate and selected according to their teaching experience and and/or their teaching diplomas.

We always put an emphasis on a teaching method of encouragement as is often found in English schools and which motivates and stimulates children. Our teaching staff is extremely vigilant and adapts lessons to student bodies. Given the small class sizes (4-7 students), we provide a near one to one schooling service.

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