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Reading in French
Cycle 2
From CP to CE2 : 6 to 9 years old
difficulty 1=CP, 2=CE1, 3=CE2
Cycle 3
Fom CM1 to 6ème
Difficulty 1= CM1, 2=CM2, 3=6eme
Collège from 11 years old
Methodology is an important tool to guaranty any success at school
This link is very instructive.
Bonne lecture!
A little bit of Culture : 
French Institute programme
The French Instute cinema 
The French Instute Librairy 
Where to go out in London?
Some exhibitions in London
South Ken Kids Festival 
Les impressionistes français en exile, Tate from 2/11/16 to 29/04/17 
Our  adresses
Book Shop
La Page
Charlotte Guerquin voucher code E44 10% off from the 1st suscribtion then 19% from the 2nd on the totallity.
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